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Local School District

Number of students enrolled in public school system: 85,468 (2006)

Number of public schools: 186

Demographics of School System (2005)
» Males: 50.1%
» Females: 49.9%

» American Indian: <.01%
» Asian: 1%
» Hispanic: 2%
» African American: 89%
» White: 8%

» Students receiving English Language Learning Services: 1.5%
» Students receiving Special Education Services: 16.9%
» Students eligible for free / reduced price lunch: 72.5%

Intermediary Background and Funding

Year Founded: 1997 - 1999

The Safe and Sound Campaign was the initial organizer of Baltimore's After-School Strategy. The After School Institute was created to assist with training and technical assistance; and a partnership was developed with the Family League of Baltimore for the management and oversight of programs. The three entities and their related roles are:

  • Baltimore Safe and Sound raises funds, builds partnerships, assesses strategy effectiveness and develops new after-school initiatives.
  • The After School Institute offers professional development, networking opportunities and training workshops for after-school program staff.
  • The Family League of Baltimore City acts as the management and accountability entity for the After School Strategy overseeing fund allocation, contract management and data collection.

Total Annual Budget in 2007:
» Safe and Sound, $425,700 (100% private)
» Family League, $400,000 (100% public)
» The After-School Institute, (60% public; 40% private)
» After School Program Funding, $9,000,000 (100% public)

Funding for Intermediary functions:
» 60% public
» 40% private

Funding for After School Programs:
» 80% public
» 20% private funds raised by programs to meet the matching requirement

Core Strategy Functions:

  • Brokering relationships
  • Convening local organizations
  • Expanding services
  • Increasing program quality
  • Strengthening and supporting the after-school workforce
  • Research and evaluation
  • Promoting sustainability

Schools and Programs

To ensure that Baltimore's young people succeed in school, make healthy choices about what they do when they are not in school and are safe in the hours from 3 -6 PM, Baltimore's After School Strategy seeks to provide young people with high quality activities in the arts, sports, community involvement and academics in safe places with caring adults and peers during non-school hours.

Since 1999, resources have been raised and directed to program expansion and quality improvement in three areas:

  1. Baltimore's Out of School Time Initiative (BOOST) programs, located in schools and run in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools and community-based organizations;
  2. YouthPlaces, programs run in community and neighborhood settings by community-based organizations; and
  3. A-Teams, high quality enrichment opportunities in the arts, athletics and academics.

Number of Programs in 2007: 99

Number of Youth Served: 9,000 attend programs that are directly funded by Baltimore's After School Strategy; a total of 22,000 young people attend after school programs that directly benefit from the Strategy by receiving training and other supports.

Ages of Youth Served: 6 -18