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Local School District

Number of students enrolled in public school system: 57,900 (2005-2006)

Number of public schools: 145 including pilot schools

Demographics of School System:
» Males: 51.4%
» Females: 48.6%

» American Indian: <1%
» Asian: 9%
» Hispanic: 34.0%
» African-American: 42.0%
» White: 14.0%

» Students receiving English Language Learning Services: 17%
» Students receiving Special Education Services: 20%
» Students receiving free / reduced price lunch: 71%

Intermediary Background and Funding

Year Founded: 2004

Total Budget: $5.1 million

» Public: less than 4%
» Private: more than 96%

Core Functions:

  • Brokering relationships
  • Convening local organizations
  • Strengthening and supporting the after-school workforce
  • Research and evaluation
  • Promoting sustainability

Schools and Programs

Boston Beyond piloted the Partners for Student Success initiative in the fall of 2006. This program provides school-based, targeted after-school services to children in select Boston elementary schools.

Number of Programs: 10 Partners for Student Success Programs (Fall, 2008)

Ages of Youth Served: Elementary School

Boston Beyond is the successor to the Mayor's 2:00-6:00 After School Initiative and the Boston After School for All Partnership, which convened local businesses, philanthropists, government officials and education leaders around the issue of after-school in 2001. Mayor Thomas Menino has been a vocal proponent of after-school since 1998. Massachusetts piloted the first comprehensive lengthened school day movement in the country in 2006-2007.