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Local School District

Number of students enrolled in public school system: 420,982

Number of public schools: 623, including charter schools

Demographics of School System:
» American Indian: .1%
» Asian: 3.2%
» Hispanic: 37.6%
» African American: 48.6%
» White: 8.1%

» Students identified as limited-English-proficient : 13.7%
» Students receiving Special Education Services: 13.8%
» Students eligible for free / reduced price lunch: 85.6%

Intermediary Background and Funding

Year Founded: 2000

Total Budget: $25.3 million (FY 2006)

» Public: 82%
» Private: 18%

Core Functions:

  • Brokering relationships
  • Convening local organizations
  • Expanding services
  • Increasing program quality
  • Strengthening and supporting the after-school workforce
  • Research and evaluation
  • Promoting sustainability

Schools and Programs

After School Matters uses a network of school and community partnerships to provide programming.

Number of Programs: 550 to 600 programs operate each semester, and 250 to 300 operate during the summer.

Number of Youth Served: ASM serves more than 13,000 teens per year, many of whom enroll for more than one fall, spring or summer cycle. The three cycles provide a total of 23,000 program opportunities for youth.

Ages of Youth Served: High School (14 to 19; students with special needs up to 21)

ASM was founded by Maggie Daley, wife of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, who has been a major supporter of its work. Of the 82% of ASM's revenue that comes from public sources, 51% is from the city government and 31% is from public partners.