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ExpandED Schools logoExpandED Schools (formerly TASC) began in 1998 with 25 programs in New York City. It has served more than 800,000 children in New York and beyond by funding, monitoring, evaluating and supporting after-school and expanded learning programs in public schools. ExpandED Schools has partnered with 146 community-based organizations since 1998, including neighborhood settlement houses and the YMCA. ExpandED Schools programs receive additional support from 30 partnering colleges and cultural organizations.

ExpandED Schools began with a challenge grant from the Open Society Institute (OSI), which pledged $125 million, based on the condition that for every dollar OSI contributed, ExpandED Schools was responsible for raising an additional three dollars. To date, ExpandED Schools has leveraged more than $738 million in public and private funds, and helped schools add 864,000 hours of enriched learning.